Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Office of Petitions: Updated forms

The USPTO has updated its forms for a petition for revival of an application abandoned unintentionally (PTO/SB/64, PTO/SB/64a, and PTO/SB/64PCT) and a petition to accept an unintentionally delayed payment of maintenance fee in an expired patent (PTO/SB/66). View the updated forms on the Patent Forms page of the USPTO website.

These forms remind the petitioner about the unintentional delay standard and allow the petitioner to provide additional information about the unintentional delay when the petition is filed more than two years after the application became abandoned or two years after the date the patent expired for nonpayment of a maintenance fee. For more information regarding the additional information required when the delay in filing the petition was more than two years, see Clarification of Practice for Requiring Additional Information in Petitions Filed in Patent Applications and Patents Based on Unintentional Delay in the Federal Register.   

The corresponding ePetition forms have also been updated to include the reminders about the unintentional delay standard. Find additional information regarding ePetitions on the ePetition Resource Page of the USPTO website.