Monday, November 26, 2007

2007 Best Inventions

What do you think is the best invention of 2007? The iPhone took top honors in TIME magazine's 2007 best inventions list. TIME also listed other great inventions by the following categories: cars & buses, aircraft, space, robots, entertainment, law & order, living, environment, architecture, fashion, computers, health, tech buyer's guide, and gadget of the year.

TIME did not stop with this year, however. The best inventions page includes a list of all-time best inventors from Archimedes (circa 287-212 B.C.) to Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell, the modern-day cloners of Dolly the sheep.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Turkey Patents

As thoughts turn to a yummy Thanksgiving dinner, did you realize that the turkey has been the subject of many patents? If you enjoy hunting your own turkey or game, there are numerous patents for turkey call devices (D554,017; D553,532; D553,040; and D511,471 to name a few) as well as for decoys that mimic a turkey in order to attract other animals (7,287,352 - Decoy with movable head and/or tail portions; 7,076,909 - Decoy sled). When you are ready to cook the bird there are methods and equipment to help (6,939,217 - Method of preparing a bird for grilling and resulting bird product; D503,068 - Turkey fryer stand). If you are a non-hunter who favors quick preparation perhaps 7,131,906 (Ready-to-cook bird product) is for you.

Once the dishes from the feast have been cleared away and you are looking for entertainment, for the kids try patent 1,678,226 (Toy representing a turkey Gobbler) or for Fido try the turkey-inspired D554,812 (Pet toy ) or 7,087,260 (Animal chew toy with flossing ribs/projections).

If you are celebrating at someone else's home and want to bring a turkey-themed gift, you are in luck. Patents exist for dinnerware or silverware (D164,113 or D167,472 - Plate or similar article; D22,778 - Design for a spoon). If art or jewelry is more to the taste of your hostess, consider a figurine with a turkey design (D148,147) or a decorative turkey brooch (D104,925 ).

Thanks to Margaret J. Collins, Library Program Specialist, Patent and Trademark Depository Library,Illinois State Library for supplying the idea and many of the patent numbers for this entry.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Little Shop of Patent and Trademark Horrors

Are you suffering from Halloween withdrawal? Visit the USPTO's Little Shop of Patent and Trademark Horrors . Designed with kids in mind, the site can be fun and informative for adults too.