Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Fee schedule updates

The USPTO has made several changes to the fee schedule. 

Changes effective October 1PCT fees to foreign offices:

  • 1701: International filing fee (first 30 pages—filed electronically without ePCT or PCT-EASY .zip file)—fee increase from $1,236 to $1,337

  • 1710: International filing fee (first 30 pages—filed electronically with ePCT or PCT-EASY .zip file)—fee increase from $1,136 to $1,229

  • 1702: International filing fee (first 30 pages)—fee increase from $1,337 to $1,446

  • 1703: Supplemental fee (for each page over 30)—fee increase from $15 to $16

  • 1705: Handling fee—fee increase from $201 to $217

  • 1706: Handling fee—90% reduction, if applicant meets specified criteria—fee increase from $20.10 to $21.70

More information is available on the PCT fees page of the USPTO website.

Changes effective October 2—FY 2020 final patent fee rule:

On October 2, the first patent fee increase in almost three years became effective. As a reminder, the surcharge for non-DOCX filings will be effective on January 1, 2022. To learn more about the fee changes, please visit the Summary of FY 2020 Final Patent Fee Rule page.

The fee schedule provides information and fee rates for products and services provided by the USPTO. For more information, call the USPTO Contact Center at 571-272-1000 or 800-786-9199.