Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Trademark -- Provide input on revised exam guide for specimens

USPTO would like to hear your feedback on proposed revisions to the examination guidelines regarding digitally created or altered and mockup specimens. Below is a summary of proposed changes:

  • The reference to a white background has been deleted.
  • The revised guide provides more discretion regarding what information is required in a request for information (RFI).
  • The requirement to respond to the RFI is withdrawn in certain situations.
  • The guide and RFI now require supporting documentation, rather than a specific number of supporting documents or dollar amount of sales.

To provide feedback:

  1. Review the Examination of Specimens for Use in Commerce: Digitally Created/Altered or Mockup Specimens guide.
  2. Post your comments on the Trademark Policy Collaboration Site.

For more information about how to set up an account and use this tool, review the How to use IdeaScale page on the USPTO website.