Thursday, February 7, 2019

PKI sign-in discontinued as of Feb. 15

As of February 15, EFS-Web and Private PAIR users will no longer be able to authenticate using PKI certificates. There is now a simpler and safer login method. Go to your account (or create one) and opt in to two-step authentication. Next, use the Migration Tool (which will no longer be available as of March 1) to link your existing PKI certificate to your account. Registered practitioners should use the Sponsorship Tool to sponsor their support staff to work on their behalf.
New users, or users who did not migrate prior to March 1, must obtain a verified account to access EFS-Web and PAIR using the new verification process, which requires a notarized Patent Electronic System Verification Form. Prior to March 1, you can recover your PKI using your self-recovery codes.
For more information, visit Authentication Change for EFS-Web and PAIR or register for an information session.
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