Friday, January 18, 2019

Changes to authentication into EFS-Web and Private PAIR

Starting January 18, new users can obtain a verified account to access EFS-Web and PAIR using the new verification process. Certificate Action Forms for new PKIs and EBC-assisted PKI recoveries postmarked prior to January 28 will be processed. Users will need to migrate new PKIs before March 1. If you have your self-recovery codes and need to recover your PKI, please do so prior to March 1. Otherwise, use the new verification process.
We invite you to register for an upcoming information session related to the new verification process, along with the other changes to authentication into EFS-Web and Private PAIR.
Use these new URLs for EFS-Web and Private PAIR when signing in with your account. You will need to update any bookmarks you may have:
More information
For more information, visit Authentication Change for EFS-Web and PAIR or register for an information session.
Please review the Patent Electronic System Access Document for additional information on authentication, sponsorship, and verification for accessing patent electronic systems.
If you need assistance creating your account, please call the USPTO Contact Center (UCC) at or 800-786-9199. For assistance with migration, sponsorship, or signing into EFS-Web and PAIR, please contact the Patent Electronic Business Center at or 866-217-9197.