Monday, December 22, 2014

Santa Patents

US Design Patent D680465

Santa Claus is a popular topic for patents. Aside from the design patents using various images of Santa like a chocolate Santa (USD644410 issued Sep 6, 2011 or a Santa on skis (USDesign155477 issued on Oct. 11, 1949), you can find a Santa Claus detector shaped like a stocking (US5523741 issued June 4 1996), a kit for creating an illusion of a Santa visit (US7258592 issued Aug. 21, 2007), a Santa that disappears in a chimney (US3159935 issued Dec. 8, 1964), and an animated Santa on his sleigh pulled by reindeer (USD3820265 issued June 28, 1974) to name a few. Everywhere you look at this time of year, you'll see patented Santas.